Page Updated: August 26, 2015
Below are various forms that may apply to any or all Northern Lehigh Middle School students, parents, faculty members, or staff.
The Student/Parent Handbook details the guidelines and expectations for every student attending Northern Lehigh Middle School during the current school year. These rules are in addition to our broad, discretionary authority to maintain safety, order and discipline inside the school zone. These rules support, but do not limit, the authority of Northern Lehigh School District Administration.

The Curriculum Guide describes the educational programs, courses, and opportunities that are available to students at Northern Lehigh Middle School. The involvement of parents, counselors, and teachers is strongly encouraged as students undergo the process of academic program planning.

This form is to be completed by a Parent/Guardian to arrange a student's absence from school for the purposes of an educational tour or trip. A copy of this form should be submitted for approval to both the Building Principal and District Superintendent.

This form concerns the usage of student names, photos, and other imagery on Northern Lehigh websites and publications. It should only be returned if a Parent/Guardian denies permission for his/her child's likeness and work to be used for these purposes.

This form must be completed by a representative of any organization that wishes to use Northern Lehigh School District facilites (i.e. auditorium, cafeteria, classroom, kitchen, gymnasium, refreshment stand, etc.) for their own organization's events or activities.