Social Studies Links for Students
Page Updated: August 20, 2009
These sites may provide information that will assist you with your schoolwork:
An excellent resource for career exploration.
Find a job, post your resume and manage your career.
This site provides parents & students with an overview of the Career Pathways Program.
Provides career planning and counseling as well as career assessment and testing to help students identify and search for their ideal career.
Job listings, steps to finding a job and online resumes.
The official History Channel homepage with search engines to look for people and dates or events.
Provides information on planning a career and selecting a school.
A webpage that lists 54 different disorders, their symptoms, diagnosis, and treatments.
Lists hundred of occupations from which to choose through the US Military.
A nationally recognized source of career information, designed to provide valuable assistance to people making decisions about their future work lives.
A collection of comprehensive sites geared to women, minorities, teens and recent grads. Includes such features as tests and quizzes for job seekers.
A site that tells you what happened in history on a certain day.