Behaviors for S.A.P. Referral
Page Updated: August 19, 2009
Student Behaviors Appropriate for S.A.P. Referral:
  • Academic decline
  • Disciplinary problems
  • Frequent visits to the Nurse and/or Guidance Office
  • Decreased attention span
  • Observable expressions of anger, sadness
  • Observable behavior such as excessive talking in class, laughing inappropriately, poor anger management, disrespect to faculty or staff members
  • Observable behaviors such as overheard conversations about alcohol or other drugs (firsthand), or parties where drugs and/or alcohol were present
  • A student expressing concern or fear about a fellow student's use of mood altering substances
  • Smell similar to marijuana or alcohol on a student or their belongings
  • Observable behaviors such as overheard (firsthand) conversation about feeling very sad or depressed
  • Observing a significant weight loss or weight gain
  • Observing frequent trips to the restroom
  • Observing a distinct behavior change or a change of friends
  • Observing drug-related, satanic-related or death related language or drawings
  • Observing glassy-eyes, red eyes, agitation, loss of interest in academic and extracurricular activities, frequent cold-like symptoms, rash around the nose/mouth, and/or chemical smell