Employee Directory
Page Updated: March 19, 2018
Looking for a faculty or staff member but are unsure of their team or position? Use the employee directory to help! Listed alphabetically by last name.
Name Position Team Room E-Mail
Bailey, Shelby Developmental Reading Grade 8 23 sbailey@nlsd.org
Barnes, Christopher English Grade 7 24 cbarnes@nlsd.org
Battista, Jeremy Science Grade 7 22 jbattista@nlsd.org
Blocker, Robin One-on-One Support Aide Learning Support -- rblocker@nlsd.org
Brown, Linda Guidance -- Guidance lbrown@nlsd.org
Carroll, David Music Specials 12 dcarroll@nlsd.org
Case, Beth Learning Support Learning Support 13 ecase@nlsd.org
Chamberlain, Jill Principal -- Office jchamberlain@nlsd.org
Davis, Matthew Mathematics Grade 8 14 mdavis@nlsd.org
Delong, Monica Learning Support Instructional Assistant 29 mdelong@nlsd.org
DeSocio, Melissa School Nurse -- Health mdesocio@nlsd.org
Dunham, BLasia Developmental Reading Grade 7 30 bdunham@nlsd.org
Farole, Catherine Learning Support Learning Support 13 cfarole@nlsd.org
Filipovits, Kimberly English Grade 8 17 kfilipovits@nlsd.org
Frank, Mary Art Specials 32 mfrank@nlsd.org
Graver, Jason Social Studies Grade 7 27 jgraver@nlsd.org
Haab, Lynn Learning Support Learning Support 28 lhaab@nlsd.org
Herzog, Todd Social Studies Grade 8 15 therzog@nlsd.org
Hicks, Robert Technology Education Specials -- rhicks@nlsd.org
Hluschak, Steve Mathematics Grade 7 26 shluschak@nlsd.org
Hofmann, Dylan Family & Consumer Science Specials 19 dhofmann@nlsd.org
Knerr, Debra Cafeteria/Hall Monitor -- Cafe/Hall dknerr@nlsd.org
Lieberman, Alice ESL/Gifted Specials 31 alieberman@nlsd.org
Meixsell, Larry Science Grade 8 20 lmeixsell@nlsd.org
Nightlinger, Nicole Emotional Support Learning Support 29 nnightlinger@nlsd.org
Pender, Shelly Cafeteria/Hall Monitor -- Cafe/Hall spender@nlsd.org
Raber, Michelle Phys Ed./Health Specials Gym/35 mraber@nlsd.org
Reinhard, Jason Phys Ed./Health Specials Gym/33 jreinhard@nlsd.org
Schnyderite, James Music Specials 12 jschnyderite@nlsd.org
Schultz, Jessica Learning/Emotional Support Aide Learning Support 29 jschultz@nlsd.org
Showak, Kathy One-on-One Support Aide Learning Support -- kshowak@nlsd.org
Tulio, Dawn Health Room -- Health dtulio@nlsd.org
Waylen, Tricia Administrative Secretary -- Office twaylen@nlsd.org
Wolfe, Lori Computers Specials 38 lwolfe@nlsd.org