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Grade 7 Team
Page Updated: February 12, 2018
Grade 7 Brochure:

Grade 7 Team Faculty:
Teacher Subject Room E-Mail
Mr. Christopher Barnes English 24 cbarnes@nlsd.org
Mr. Jeremy Battista Science 22 jbattista@nlsd.org
Ms. Blasia Dunham Developmental Reading 30 bdunham@nlsd.org
Mr. Jason Graver Social Studies 27 jgraver@nlsd.org
Mr. Steve Hluschak Mathematics 26 shluschak@nlsd.org

Important Reminders:
  • Report cards were sent home with students on Tuesday, February 6th! Envelopes must be signed and returned to homeroom teachers by Tuesday, February 13th!
  • Our "Hearts for the Homeless" campaign has begun and boxes have been placed in homerooms. If possible, we are looking for donations of any new or unused school supplies and bathroom products to help Lehigh Valley homeless teens and their families. Donations will be accepted through the end of February. Any questions, please see Mr. Barnes. Thank you for having a heart.

Classroom Assignments:
All dates are approximate and subject to change.
Mr. Barnes' English Class
In Mr. Barnes's English class, Pd. 5 will enter Mr. Nakatani's anger management group in "Iron Man" and see what this band of misfit thieves is like. And in Pds. 3, 4, 6, 7, we will learn what the Westing Will has left their heirs and what character partners up with whom to start playing the "Westing Game."

Visit Mr. Barnes' website: www.barnes1027.wix.com/barnes

Visit Mr. Barnes' Classroom Twitter page: www.twitter.com/MrBarnes24
Mr. Battista's Life Science Class
In Mr. Battista's Life Science class, students took their vocabulary quiz this past Friday, 2/9. Grades have been updated to reflect this quiz. We will be beginning sections 2 and 3 this coming week.
Ms. Dunham's Reading Class
In Mrs. Dunham's Reading class, many any students were absent, so please make up all your work from last week! I will be handing out missing assignment reports to make sure that we are doing okay for Marking Period 3. ALL FORMER AND CURRENT ASSIGNMENTS ARE POSTED ONLINE. THE BOOK IS ALSO ONLINE IF STUDENTS WERE OUT--THERE IS A PDF OF THE NOVEL UNDER "HOLES BOOK"--it's on the very top of the page. If any student was out, they should be able to make up their work from home by reviewing all the assignments and postings on Google Classroom.

The latest weekly Reading Log (Weekly Reading Log #9) is going to be collected on Monday, February 12th in class.

**Honors Students: We will be doing our Mystery Skype on Tuesday! Make sure you prepare for your role! You will receive information on Monday!***

We are continuing to read the novel Holes this week; we are continuing Part II. Because all of the reading is done in class, it is expected that the "Turn and Talks" are completed each day. There is adequate time in class, but students may submit these at home if they need more time. Make sure all the assignments are completed each day that we read.

On Valentine's Day, (the 14th), we will be creating "book dating profiles" to figure out what kinds of genres would suit each student. After filling out a dating profile, students will go on blind dates with books which are covered and students will rate each date. Hopefully by the end, students will fall in love with a new book and genre that suits their interests. :)

We will have NO vocabulary this week; we are taking a break to catch up on Holes and other missing work. The new weekly Reading Log (Weekly Reading Log #10) is due Monday, February 19th in class. Please don't just "fill out the paper"--actually, authentically reflect as you read!

Let's fall in love this week with some good books. :)
Mr. Graver's Old World Cultures Class
In Mr. Graver's Old World Cultures class, we'll be finishing up our unit on ancient Egypt ! We'll complete a Study Guide on Wednesday and play "Bingo!" to review on Thursday! Your 100 point Chapter 3 Test will be on Friday! Your Chapter 3 Notepacket will also be collected on Friday and is worth 100 points! Please see Mr. Graver if you have questions or need extra help!

Your Modern Day Olympic Assignment is due on Monday, February 26th! Don't wait till the last minute to complete it!
For descriptions and documents for Mr. Graver's Old World Cultures class, please click here.
Mr. Hluschak's Math Classes
In Mr. Hluschak's Math class, we will be writing and solving Inequalities. Inequalities have a special place in the real world and have a language of their own. Students will learn the difference of when to use an equation and an inequality. We will also learn how to graph Inequalities on a number line. Digits Topic 8 Review is due February 12th.

All Chapter 9 Lessons are on line for review, especially for students who have missed class due to illness.

For descriptions of Mr. Hluschak's classes, please click here.