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Grade 7 Team
Page Updated: November 20, 2017
Grade 7 Brochure:

Grade 7 Team Faculty:
Teacher Subject Room E-Mail
Mr. Christopher Barnes English 24 cbarnes@nlsd.org
Mr. Jeremy Battista Science 22 jbattista@nlsd.org
Ms. Blasia Dunham Developmental Reading 30 bdunham@nlsd.org
Mr. Jason Graver Social Studies 27 jgraver@nlsd.org
Mr. Steve Hluschak Mathematics 26 shluschak@nlsd.org

Important Reminders:
  • Our hoagie fundraiser is underway! Information was sent home with students on Friday. Please do your best to sell! All proceeds will be used to pay for our team activities and assemblies this year! All orders and payments are due to homeroom teachers by Tuesday, November 28th!
  • The middle school library will be open after school on Monday until 3:00 PM!
  • If you have not yet turned in your signed report card envelope, you need to do so immediately!
  • There is no school for students on November 22, 23, 24 & 27. Enjoy your Thanksgiving break!

Classroom Assignments:
All dates are approximate and subject to change.
Mr. Barnes' English Class
In Mr. Barnes's English class, we will complete an in-class, extended Figment about jobs...... dirty jobs...... the type of thankless jobs that are out there and get done, but no one necessarily dreams of doing them. We will connect them with some clips of the great show, "Dirty Jobs." The assignment will be due by the end of class, Tuesday. Have a lovely, restful break so we can get all energized to come back and prepare for another lovely, restful break.

Visit Mr. Barnes' website: www.barnes1027.wix.com/barnes

Visit Mr. Barnes' Classroom Twitter page: www.twitter.com/MrBarnes24
Mr. Battista's Life Science Class
In Mr. Battista's Life Science class, we have a test scheduled for Friday the 17th. Students should be reviewing their virus and bacteria notes over the weekend. We will finish the chapter Monday/Tuesday and review on Wednesday/Thursday. Students will receive a study guide on Monday that they should be review each night.
Ms. Dunham's Reading Class
In Mrs. Dunham's Reading class, we will be finishing presenting projects for the Create Your Own Dystopia. For each presentation, students will be taking small student-created quizzes to assure that they are paying proper attention to their peers. In addition, we will be doing some writing/Kahooting related to being thankful as that is what Thanksgiving is all about!

If students haven't finished their book, if they could finish it over the Thanksgiving break it would be helpful. Students will be taking their Whooo's Reading and STAR Assessment when they return. Students who show growth or remain "in the green" on the STAR will receive 5 points of extra credit! Also, students who read more than one book during this month will also receive an extra credit voucher as well and PACK cash.

If you are interested in ordering Scholastic for November, it is due November 30th. Students will be taking catalogs home, if they so choose. There is a lot of good books this month in the Teen Edition--including John Green!

If you wish to place an order online, here is the link: https://orders.scholastic.com/RH69P

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!
Mr. Graver's Old World Cultures Class
In Mr. Graver's Old World Cultures class, your Chapter 3 Word Search is due on Monday! On Tuesday, we'll label and color a Map of the Ancient Mediterranean Sea! If you have them, please bring your SHARPENED colored pencils on Tuesday! This map is worth 20 points and will be collected on Wednesday, November 29th! You'll be quizzed on this map in the future so be sure to do your best work!

See Mr. Graver if you have questions or need extra help!
For descriptions and documents for Mr. Graver's Old World Cultures class, please click here.
Mr. Hluschak's Math Classes
In Mr. Hluschak's Math class, we will be reviewing our Chapter 1 Test and finishing our Topic 1 Review Homework. We will also be doing a mini unit on Scientific Notation. Students will recognize where they can use Scientific Notation in the Real World. Our next Chapter will deal with Proportional Relationships.

For descriptions of Mr. Hluschak's classes, please click here.