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Grade 7 Team
Page Updated: June 11, 2018
Grade 7 Brochure:

Grade 7 Team Faculty:
Teacher Subject Room E-Mail
Mr. Christopher Barnes English 24
Mr. Jeremy Battista Science 22
Ms. Blasia Dunham Developmental Reading 30
Mr. Jason Graver Social Studies 27
Mr. Steve Hluschak Mathematics 26

Important Reminders:
  • If you have not yet returned all textbooks, or other school materials, you need to do so immediately!
  • Students will be dismissed at 10:30 AM on Monday and Tuesday! Lunch will NOT be served on these days!
  • Monday is BAM Day! Be sure to wear appropriate and comfortable shoes!

Classroom Assignments:
All dates are approximate and subject to change.
Mr. Barnes' English Class
Have a great summer!

Visit Mr. Barnes' website:

Visit Mr. Barnes' Classroom Twitter page:
Mr. Battista's Life Science Class
Have a great summer!
Ms. Dunham's Reading Class
Have a great summer!
Mr. Graver's Old World Cultures Class
In Mr. Graver's Old World Cultures class, your TIME CAPSULE is due on Tuesday! Do your best to help yourself remember what life was like in 7th grade! Your future self will thank you for it!
For descriptions and documents for Mr. Graver's Old World Cultures class, please click here.
Mr. Hluschak's Math Classes
In Mr. Hluschak's Math class, the topic 16 Review Homework for periods 3,5,6,and 7 is due on Sunday. Also, please return any Textbooks borrowed throughout the year by Tuesday. Math Journals will be sent to Mr. Davis in 8th Grade and utilized next year. There are several Digits lessons online for students to look at over the summer. Hopefully your children have learned as much from me, as I have from them over this school year. Have a safe and constructive summer.
For descriptions of Mr. Hluschak's classes, please click here.