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Grade 7 Team
Page Updated: December 04, 2018
Grade 7 Team Faculty:
Teacher Subject Room E-Mail
Mrs. Shelby Bailey English Language Arts 23
Mrs. Amanda Bariana Math --
Mr. Jeremy Battista Science 22
Mrs. Blasia Dunham English Language Arts 30
Ms. Elizabeth Fleming Science --
Mr. Jason Graver Social Studies 27
Mr. Steve Hluschak Mathematics 26

Important Reminders:
  • You’ll be completing a “Learning Styles” assignment in Career Cruising on Monday!
  • Your second stop on the Career Caravan will take place on Wednesday. Remember to take notes during the career presentations! Your notes will help you write your 5 paragraph essay during the third marking period!
  • Progress reports for the second marking period will be sent home with students on Wednesday, December 12th!

Classroom Assignments:
All dates are approximate and subject to change.
Mrs. Bailey's English Class
In Mrs. Bailey’s ELA class, students should continue working on their SSR Logs for Marking Period 2. They should be reading a book of their choosing. At least one new book should be completed by the end of the marking period. The 4th reflection in the log should be completed this weekend for what was read during the week. This reflection should be at least one well-developed paragraph!

Students should finish reading Holes (chapters 41-50) over the weekend with the Discussion Questions for these chapters due on Google Classroom by Monday morning. In class on Monday, we will discuss the satisfying ending to the novel in order to prepare for the final test on Tuesday, December 4th. This test will include multiple choice questions from chapters 29-50 of Holes as well as a short essay question. Completing the study guide and planning the essay out ahead of time are strongly encouraged! On Tuesday, students will be introduced to the Holes Project Assignment and will have time begin working on it after the test. Two full days of class time will be given to work on the project with the due date and project presentation on Monday, December 10th!

Scholastic Book Orders are due Friday, December 21st. Flyers are available in my classroom. Anyone interested in purchasing books can pay with check, cash, or online order at

All purchases benefit our classroom library!
Click here to visit Mrs. Bailey's Google Site!
Mrs. Bariana's Math Class
In Mrs. Bariana's Math class, we began Topic 3, Percents. We discussed how to find percents, and how they are used in our everyday lives. Next we will discuss interest, markups and discounts.

Remind your students that they can always practice their based math skills on! Their username is their first name and their password is Bariana24.
Mr. Battista's Life Science Class
In Mr. Fisher’s / Mr. Battista’s Life Science class, we will be finishing Section 3 and 4 this week.
Mrs. Dunham's English Class
In Mrs. Dunham’s ELA class, Holes must be finished over the weekend. The Turn and Talk for Chapters 41-50 is due at the latest during Flex on Monday, December 3rd. In addition, students should have at least threecompleted, one paragraph entries on their NEW SSR log by Monday, December 3rd. At least one NEW book must be finished by the end of the Marking Period 2. On Monday, we will have a fishbowl discussion about Parts II and III in preparation for the Holes test on Tuesday, December 4th. For the test, please complete the study guide and plan your essay ahead of time to get the best grade possible!

After the test on Tuesday, students will be introduced and have time to work on their Cumulative Holes Project. This will be due Monday, December 10th. Class time will only be given this week, so use the time wisely!

Lastly, if you are interested in ordering Scholastic for December, it is due December 22nd. Physical catalogs are available in class. If you wish to place an order online, here is the link:
Mrs. Farole's Math Classes
In Mrs. Farole's Math class,
1) We will be solving word problems by setting up proportions and finding unit rates. We will also be working on consumer math and finding the better buy of similar products. There may be a test on this unit later in the week.
2) Your child will be getting a 12 point GRADED homework assignment on Monday, 12/3. It will be due on Wednesday, 12/5/18.

******Please remind your child that they can complete homework either at home or during Period 1 FLEX.
"Schoolwork first; Computer games later:)"
Ms. Fleming's Science Class
In Miss Fleming’s Life Science class, students did a great job using the microscopes this past week! Students were able to observe various pre-made slides, their cheek cells, their hair, and living plant cells. This week will be the start of our Cells Unit. We will be discussing what we observed in the microscopes. This material will be the foundation of what students will learn in High School Biology. During the week, we will also utilize the Virtual Reality technology to go on a journey inside a cell!
Mr. Graver's Old World Cultures Class
In Mr. Graver’s Old World Cultures class, you’ll learn about the geography of the Nile River, Egypt, and Nubia this week. We’ll even take a tour along the entire Nile River!

On Friday, you’ll label and color a Map of Ancient Egypt & Nubia. This 20 point map will be due on Tuesday, December 11th!

Your Map of the Ancient Mediterranean Sea quiz will be on Monday, December 10th! Study the map you labeled and colored last week!

Please see Mr. Graver if you need help or have any questions!
For descriptions and documents for Mr. Graver's Old World Cultures class, please click here.
Mrs. Haab's English Classes
In Mrs. Haab’s ELA class, almost every student had a one on one conference with Mrs. Haab last week regarding student progress in the Read 180 program. Discussions about what areas they have been successful in and where they need improvement took place. All students are showing improvement from the first to second attempt in the Explore, Reading, and Language Zones.

We will continue completing Clusters that include the following Zones: Explore, Reading, Language, Fluency, Spelling and Success. They will be doing independent reading; completing Daily Reading Logs, Quick Writes, and Graphic Organizers. Whole class and small group instruction will continue as well. Students will also be taking their second STAR reading assessment.
Mr. Hluschak's Math Classes
In Mr. Hluschak’s Math class, we will continue to use Percent to solve real world problems. We will be focusing on the advantage of compound interest.We will also learn how to calculate mark up and mark down and also percent increase and decrease. Students should be studying their vocabulary terms, there will be a quiz in the near future.. Our PSSA open ended question will be on Monday

For descriptions of Mr. Hluschak's classes, please click here.