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PLEASE NOTE: Forms on this website may be updated regularly to reflect changes or modified policies. When viewing a form, please click the "Refresh" button in your web browser to ensure that you are viewing the most current version of the document. Thank you.
Grade 7 Team
Page Updated: October 12, 2018
Grade 7 Team Faculty:
Teacher Subject Room E-Mail
Mrs. Shelby Bailey English Language Arts 23
Mrs. Amanda Bariana Math --
Mr. Jeremy Battista Science 22
Mrs. Blasia Dunham English Language Arts 30
Ms. Elizabeth Fleming Science --
Mr. Jason Graver Social Studies 27
Mr. Steve Hluschak Mathematics 26

Important Reminders:
  • If you haven't yet returned your signed Progress Report, you must do so immediately!
  • Please check grades on PowerParent often!
  • The same information we send in our team emails can be found on the middle school's web page!

Classroom Assignments:
All dates are approximate and subject to change.
Mrs. Bailey's English Class
In Mrs. Bailey’s ELA class, students should be reading a book of their choosing regularly and complete a log each week noting which pages they read and reflect on what they read for the week. It is expected that students bring their independent reading book to each class every day (not just ELA). The fifth log should be completed this weekend for what was read during this past week!

This coming week, students will be receiving a memoir writing assignment where they will be asked to write a narrative about a specific moment that has had an impact on their lives. The planning portion will be due on Tuesday, October 16th. The rough draft will be due on Tuesday, October 23rd. After revising the rough draft, the final draft will be due on Thursday, October 25th. In addition, we will begin reading various narrative poems in relation to our Generations unit. Scholastic Book Orders are due Tuesday, October 30th. Flyers are available in my classroom. Anyone interested in purchasing books can pay with check, cash, or online order at All purchases benefit our classroom library!
Click here to visit Mrs. Bailey's Google Site!
Mrs. Bariana's Math Class
In Ms. Bariana’s Math class, we are continuing to work on Topic 6, Decimals and Percents. This week we started learning how to use a percent proportion and percent equation to solve real world problems. Next week we will finish up Topic 6 with a review on Thursday and a test on Friday.

Remind your students that they can always practice their based math skills on! Their username is their first name and their password is Bariana24.
Mr. Battista's Life Science Class
Welcome back!
Mrs. Dunham's English Class
In Mrs. Dunham’s ELA class, at least one book must be finished by the end of the marking period and all six entries should be completed fully to receive credit by the end of the month! If you read more than one book, you will get a +15 extra credit pass per book.

Students should be reading every week and completing a log each week noting which pages they read and reflect what they read once a week. It is expected that students bring their independent reading book to each class every day (not just ELA). Make sure the logs are completed weekly! There should be five paragraph length reflections by the end of the week.

Students will be begin writing their own memoir after reading some examples last week. This is the last major assignment for the marking period, so put all your effort into this!
Memoir Deadlines (Mark them on your calendar!)
Prewriting, Planning, and Timeline: October 15th
Rough Draft: October 22nd
Final Draft: October 24th

The Prewriting/Planning and Timeline (Page 2 of the "Memoir Assignment" on Google Classroom is due Monday, October 15th. Ideally, this should all be completed over the weekend. Students should decide which moment/memory they want to write about that changed their life. This shouldn't be an insignificant memory! This planning should be done before class so the time in class can be best spent.

On Monday and Tuesday, students will have time to begin writing their memoir. However, this is the only class time they are given to write. If there is no access to the internet, students should be using daily Flex time to work on their memoir. For the rest of the week, students will be given narrative strategies for their memoirs. We will also read narrative poems in our online textbook and complete some in-class activities.

Lastly, if you are interested in ordering Scholastic for October, it is due October 30th. Physical catalogs are available in class. If you wish to place an order online, here is the link:
Mrs. Farole's Math Classes
In Mrs. Farole’s Math class,
1) We will continue to working on drawing fractions, comparing fractions, and turning fractions into decimals. There will be a test on these topics towards the end of the week.
2) We will begin working on solving problems using order of operations.
3) Your child will be getting a 12 point homework assignment on Monday, 10/15. It will be due on Wednesday, 10/17. Please remind your child that they can complete homework either at home or during Period 1 FLEX.

They know my motto: "Schoolwork first; Computer games later"
Ms. Fleming's Science Class
In Miss Fleming’s Life Science class, we have started the "What is Life?" unit! We are discussing the needs of living things and the characteristics of life. Scientists use these characteristics of life to determine whether things are living or nonliving. When scientists make discoveries, they often use these characteristics to classify their findings. We will be having a quiz on Chapter 1 Section 1 towards the end of the week.
Mr. Graver's Old World Cultures Class
In Mr. Graver's Old World Cultures class, we'll finish our studies of Neanderthals and Cro-Magnons! Be prepared for an open notes Venn Diagram Quiz comparing these two groups of "people." Your People of the Old Stone Age notes will be collected after we finish this mini-unit! See Mr. Graver if you have questions or need help!

For the rest of the week, we'll find out what it was like living in what is now Los Angeles, California 12,000 years ago!
For descriptions and documents for Mr. Graver's Old World Cultures class, please click here.
Mrs. Haab's English Classes
In Mrs. Haab's ELA class, we will begin to explore the "Knowledge Map" and pick two segments of interest. They will continue to work in the Student Application - "Mindset Matters", read independently, and have whole group instruction. There will be a vocabulary test on Friday, Oct. 12th.
Mr. Hluschak's Math Classes
In Mr. Hluschak’s Math class, we will be finishing Chapter 6 on Fractions, Decimals, and Percent. We will be practicing converting these Rational Numbers and also learn how to use the Percent Error Formula. Again, our focus will be on solving real world problems. There will be a Quiz on Chapter 6 on Friday, October 19th. There will also be a Notebook Test on Chapters 4, 5, and 6 next Tuesday, October 23rd. Students should be organizing their notebooks by following the Table of Contents for those chapters.

For descriptions of Mr. Hluschak's classes, please click here.