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Grade 8 Team
Page Updated: September 15, 2017
Grade 8 Brochure:

Grade 8 Team Faculty:
Teacher Subject Room E-Mail
Ms. Shelby Bailey Developmental Reading 23 sbailey@nlsd.org
Mr. Matthew Davis Mathematics 14 mdavis@nlsd.org
Mrs. Kimberly Filipovits English 17 kfilipovits@nlsd.org
Mr. Todd Herzog Social Studies 15 therzog@nlsd.org
Mr. Larry Meixsell Science 20 lmeixsell@nlsd.org

Classroom Assignments:
All dates are approximate and subject to change.
Mrs. Bailey's Developmental Reading Class
Book orders due 9/28

First Whooo’s Reading book quiz due on 10/23.
Mr. Davis' Math Classes
Pd 1: test on 9/19
Pd 2: Begin Topic 2
Pd 5: Begin Topic 2
Pd 6: Begin Topic 2
Pd 7: test on 9/22
Mrs. Filipovits' English Class
Continue activities for “The Medicine Bag” including analyzing text, analyzing craft and structure by looking at symbolism in the story.

Grammar: Active/Passive voice
Visit Mrs. Filipovits' Edmodo page here!
Mr. Herzog's U.S. History Class
Ancient civilizations PowerPoint projects are due on 9/19. Email final projects to Mr. Herzog at therzog@nlsd.org
Mr. Meixsell's Earth & Space Science Class
Unit 1 test on 9/19
Scrapbook due 9/20
Next Unit: Measurement