Employee Directory
Page Updated: January 09, 2020
Looking for a faculty or staff member but are unsure of their department or position? Use the employee directory to help! Listed alphabetically by last name.
Employee Room Position/Department E-Mail Address
Barnes, Christopher 313 English cbarnes@nlsd.org
Bennett, Christopher 104 Technology cbennett@nlsd.org
Carroll, David 105 Music dcarroll@nlsd.org
Chruscial, Allison Guidance Guidance achruscial@nlsd.org
Cinicola, Theresa 219 Science tcinicola@nlsd.org
DeAntonis, Eric 213 Mathematics edeantonis@nlsd.org
DeLong, Scott 308 Social Studies sdelong@nlsd.org
DeSocio, Melissa Health Office Health Services mdesocio@nlsd.org
Dieter, Gregory 312 Learning Support gdieter@nlsd.org
Everett, Julie 216 Science jeverett@nlsd.org
Farber, Katherine 307D Learning Support kfarber@nlsd.org
Fisher, Lisa -- Learning Support lfisher@nlsd.org
Fleming, Elizabeth --- Science efleming@nlsd.org
Frew, Jessica 209 Family & Consumer Science jfrew@nlsd.org
Fristick, Tammy -- Learning Support tfristick@nlsd.org
Geist, Bryan Athletic Office Athletic Director bgeist@nlsd.org
Gerould, Scott Gym Wellness & Fitness sgerould@nlsd.org
Gupta, Rajeev 210 Science rgupta@nlsd.org
Hamm, Christopher 102 Music chamm@nlsd.org
Hammond, Michael 313 Learning Support mhammond@nlsd.org
Hannon, Elizabeth 306 Social Studies ehannon@nlsd.org
Hauser, David Office Assistant Principal dhauser@nlsd.org
Hoffert, Jenna -- Foreign Language jhoffert@nlsd.org
Hoffert, Raquel Guidance Guidance rhoffert@nlsd.org
Ingles, Patricia -- Learning Support pingles@nlsd.org
Jones, Patricia Gym Wellness & Fitness pjones@nlsd.org
Karpowich, Tracy -- Learning Support tkarpowich@nlsd.org
Kern, Andrew 301 Technology akern@nlsd.org
King, Gregory 214 Mathematics gking@nlsd.org
Kunkel, Sarah 310 Foreign Language skunkel@nlsd.org
Lehtonen, Michael 222 Mathematics mlehtonen@nlsd.org
Lieberman, Alice -- ESL/Gifted alieberman@nlsd.org
Long, Derek 311 Mathematics dlong@nlsd.org
Lorson, Vonda 303 Business & Computer Science vlorson@nlsd.org
Martinez, Lisa -- Library Aide lmartinez@nlsd.org
Mattiola, Mary Ann S. Art Art masmattiola@nlsd.org
Nowlin, Kathy Office Secretary to the Principal knowlin@nlsd.org
Oertner, David 211 Science doertner@nlsd.org
Prive, Jon 318 English jprive@nlsd.org
Quay, Deanna 218 Science, Foreign Language dquay@nlsd.org
Reinert, Derrick 210 Mathematics dreinert@nlsd.org
Sander, Nicholas 304 Social Studies nsander@nlsd.org
Scheckler, Janelle 315 English jscheckler@nlsd.org
Shuey, Stephen Art, 102 Art sshuey@nlsd.org
Smith, Shelley Guidance Guidance Secretary ssmith@nlsd.org
Tout, Joseph 307A Social Studies, Asst. Athletic Director jtout@nlsd.org
Urban, Tayler 319 English turban@nlsd.org
Van Norman, Maria 316 English mvannorman@nlsd.org
Vlasaty, Robert Office Principal rvlasaty@nlsd.org
Willing-Tiedeman, Krystle-Dawn Library Library ktiedeman@nlsd.org
Yadush, James 307B Social Studies jyadush@nlsd.org
Yenser, Ellen Jane 313 Learning Support ejyenser@nlsd.org