Peer Helpers
Page Updated: August 09, 2012
Advisor: Mrs. Patricia Jones
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All people have problems, especially teenagers. It is important to know that there are ways to help solve your problems. Sometimes you talk to your parents, counselors, teachers or friends. Sometimes you don't feel comfortable talking to any of them. As an alternative, Northern Lehigh has a group of fellow students called Peer Helpers. They are professionally trained and are available to sit down with you and listen to your concerns and to assist you in coming up with a plan of action toward a solution to the problem. It may be a relationship problem, a problem getting along with parents or siblings or, perhaps peer pressure issues.

Talking to a Peer Helper is strictly confidential. You can be assured that, just like Las Vegas, what happens in the peer helper room, stays in the peer helper room!

To talk to a Peer Helper, you may see a Peer Helper directly, or see Mr. Drake to make the arrangements, or tell the guidance office that you would like to see a Peer Helper.