Fall Play: Archive
Page Updated: April 12, 2019

Below you can find information for recent Fall Plays presented by the Northern Lehigh Little Theatre, a growing tradition at Northern Lehigh High School!
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Winter Cabaret
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Curtains Up!
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Charlotte's Web
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Get Smart
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The Odd Couple
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And Then There Were None

Past Productions
Special Thanks to Jacob Bachman and Andrew Tarafas from the Class of 2015 for researching and compiling this list of past productions.
Year Show(s)
2011 Romeo & Juliet
2010 The Ransom of Miss Elverna Dower
2009 Searching for David's Heart
2008 Father of the Bride
2007 Our Town
2006 Stepford Students
What's My Line?
2005 And Then There Were None
2004 Rumors
2003 The Mouse Trap
2002 Plaza Suite
2001 The Night Thoreau Spent in Jail
2000 Harvey
2001 The Odd Couple (Female Edition)
2000 The Sunshine Boys
1999 Black Comedy
1998 Barefoot in the Park
1997 The Odd Couple (Female Edition)
1996 Plaza Suite
1995 Lend Me A Tenor
1994 Brighton Beach Memoirs
1993 Bone Chiller, Rumors (Faculty Play)
1992 Juvie
1991 You Can't Take It With You
1990 Ten Little Indians
1986 The Butler Did It
1985 Plaza Suite
1984 God's Favorite
1983 Never Too Late
1982 The Odd Couple
1981 Heaven Can Wait
1979 Barefoot in the Park
1978 You Can't Take It With You
1977 Come Blow Your Horn
1975 The Exodus
1974 The Spiral Staircase
1972 The Odd Couple
1970 Up the Down Staircase
1968 Share Bath (Junior Class Play)
I Remember Mama (Senior Class Play)
1966 The Unsuspended (Junior Class Play)
Girl-Shy (Senior Class Play)
1965 A Tale of Chelm (Junior Class Play)
Don't Take My Penny/Goin' Steady (Senior Class Play)
1964 The World of Sholom Aleichem
1963 A Boy Named Beulah (Junior Class Play)
Hope is the Thing With Feathers/Boys Meets Family/The Prize (Senior Class Play)
1962 What Dunnit
1961 The Other Your
1960 Inner Willie (Junior Class Play)
The Man (Senior Class Play)
1959 Father of the Bride
1958 Knock On Wood (Junior Class Play)
You Can't Take It With You (Senior Class Play)
1957 Knocking On Wood (Junior Class Play)
The Late Chris Bean (Senior Class Play)
1955 The Phantom Bells (Junior Class Play)
The Perfect Idiot (Senior Class Play)
1954 Macbeth
1953 This Is Your Life
1952 No Place To Park (Junior Class Play)
The Little Dog Laughed (Senior Class Play)
1951 The Blundering Herd
1950 Sure For Your Supper (Junior Class Play)
Murder With Orchids (Senior Class Play)

Lay Down, You're Dead (Junior Class Play)
Who's Batty Now? (Senior Class Play)

1947 Just Like Cinderella (Junior Class Play)
The Professor Proposes (Senior Class Play)
1946 All Girls Take Over (Junior Class Play)
Mumbo-Jumbo (Senior Class Play)
1945 Young, Willing, and Able (Junior Class Play)
Lena Rivers (Senior Class Play)
G.I. Joe (Musical)
1944 Saved by the Belle (Junior Class Play)
Let Us Be Glamorous (Senior Class Play)
1943 All Account of Luella
1941 Thanks Awfully (All Boys)
April Shows (All Girls)
1940 Boarding School (Junior Class Play)
Murder at Rehearsal (Senior Class Play)
1938 Guess Again (Junior Class Play)
The Tin Hero (Senior Class Play)