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PLEASE NOTE: Forms on this website may be updated regularly to reflect changes or modified policies. When viewing a form, please click the "Refresh" button in your web browser to ensure that you are viewing the most current version of the document. Thank you.
Art Teachers
Page Updated: October 15, 2017
Mrs. Mary Ann S.-Mattiola
LCCC Painting I Adjunct Instructor/High School Art/Sixth Grade Art
Mrs. Mattiola graduated from Misericordia University receiving the honor of "Master Student in Arts" and a Bachelors of Science degree in Art Education. From 1986 to 1988, Mrs. Mattiola was a Part time Art teacher to NLHS. In 1988, the department grew with student interest, and Mrs. Mattiola became Full Time, adding Advanced Art courses.

Mrs. Mattiola also taught Art at the Montgomery County Youth Detention facility in Norristown for eleven years. She has earned a Master's degree in Education, and has been cited in 1990 and 2006 by the Northern Lehigh School Board for outstanding dedication and commitment to the students of NLSD. Formerly the Fine Arts department chairperson, Mrs. Mattiola also is a CAP Arts teacher and Educational Consultant for the Partners in Distance Learning organization, Harrisburg, PA. She also works with Kutztown University, sponsoring Student teachers at NLHS.

Her latest honors include designing the PA statewide Bicentennial Coin Art Contest and lessons. She has earned the title "Best of the Best Art Teachers in PA" in 2005, and was nominated to the "Top Ten Teachers in PA" list in 2006 with the PA Department of Education.

Mrs. Mattiola enjoys teaching all children, and believes "Anyone can do Art if you master the zen of seeing!" There is never a dull moment in the Art room, and NLHS student Art work is exhibited locally throughout the year in various Art shows, banks, and hospitals.

Mrs. Mattiola resides in Coopersburg, PA with her family and two dachsunds.

Mr. Stephen Shuey
High School Art/Technology Ed/Theatre Arts Director
Mr. Stephen Shuey is a recent graduate of Kutztown University of Pennsylvania. Graduating Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science in Art Education. Mr. Shuey is currently teaching the Graphic Art I, Graphic Art II and Crafts classes. As a printmaking artist working primarily with zinc plate etchings and engravings, his images include current events, mass production and consumerism. He has created a unique series of prints dealing with the relationships between humans and animals. His experience with computers and art has enabled Mr. Shuey to produce outstanding and imaginative graphic works. Mr. Shuey would like to give students the tools and skills needed to express themselves artistically and to interpret their rapidly changing visual world.

"No amount of skillful invention can replace the essential element of imagination"
-Edward Hopper

Courses Offered:
Painting I
Painting II
Painting III
LCCC Painting I
Fine Arts I
Fine Arts II
Visual Communications I
Visual Communications II
Culture & Crafts: Methods & Materials
Theatre Arts & Design

Painting I (15066)
Prerequisite: None - Meets Daily - 1.0 Credit
Painting! Painting! …and more painting! After reviewing simple drawing, color, and design concepts, students shall spend class time creating paintings on paper, canvas board, raw canvas, and found objects. This is a stress-free and beginner’s “how-to” course designed for the student interested in trying something new, expanding on a talent, or starting a hobby. Students will experiment and create artwork using many different paints, brushes, and tools and learn specific techniques with reference to Old and New Masters of Art. After developing painting skills, the student shall be encouraged to express his/her own style in further paintings, both in and outdoors.

Some units covered in this course include: Color theory and harmony; Oil paints; Watercolor; Mixed media; Tempera; Brushes, palette knives; and Acrylic paints.

Painting II (15066)
Prerequisite: 75% or higher in Painting I - Meets Daily - 1.0 Credit
So, you’ve got the skills, but what’s next? This course shall be offered to painters who have completed Painting I, and are interested in continuing to explore new techniques while further developing their own style of expression. Combining knowledge, skills, experiences and positive attitude gained in Painting I class, the art student shall create authentic art forms which are representative of integrity, innovation, and insight. Students shall use prior skills and more familiar principles of design in advancing the content of their paintings. Referencing Old & New World Masters, students shall further explore painting with others who have similar skills or interests in the art both indoors and outside the studio classroom.

Some units covered in this course may include: Acrylic paints; Mixed media; Oil paints; Airbrushing; Painting on paper, raw canvas, canvas boards, and found objects.

Painting III (15067) - Independent Study
Prerequisite: 80% or higher in Painting II and application submitted for approval. Available to seniors only. - Meets Daily - 1.0 Credit
This independent study in painting course is specially designed between the student and the instructor to meet the student’s specific needs! This is a self-directed curriculum under the watchful eye of the instructor. The student sets goals while creating products that reflect personal talent and interests. Each lesson shall reflect the results of the “planning sessions” with the instructor and the student’s thumbnail sketches. Lessons will include the elements and principles of design, rubrics, and an agreed upon deadline.

This course is for the student who is highly self-motivated and advanced painters who may be considering art school or continuing painting as a serious hobby. Students are encouraged to gather necessary materials to support their own successes. It is a course for the mature student who enjoys painting, is highly self-motivated and talented.

Some units covered in this course may include: Acrylic Paints; Oil Paints; Development of Individual Style; Portfolio design for Art School admissions; Landscapes; Portraits; Mixed Media; and Still Life.

LCCC Painting I (15075)
Prerequisite: Earned grade average of 75 or higher in Northern Lehigh's Painting I and/or teacher recommendation. Students taking this course must complete all necessary paperwork as per LCCC's policies and procedures. Projected cost for this course is $90.00 (tuition) - Meets Daily - 1.0 Credit - 3.0 College Credits
Includes basic instruction in form, color, value, composition, and historical material. The media will include oil and acrylic. Students are encouraged to create works driven by personal expression.

Fine Arts I (15064)
Prerequisite: None - Meets Daily - 1.0 Credit
Interested in taking an Art course where you are GUARANTEED you will learn to draw, paint, or sculpt? This is the course for you! Students shall explore the basic foundations of Fine Arts in this course to include drawing, painting, sculpture, and graphics. It is an exciting fundamentals course, which guides the beginner or student with an art interest into successfully creating works of art. Using music, multi-sensory aids, and various art media, the student shall learn processes used in designing an expression, which demonstrates skill, creativity, and dedication. Students are guaranteed they will gain more confidence and create solid art works of which they are proud! Some units covered in this course include: Pen/ink and pencils (graphite); Clay; Charcoals; Pastels; Foam Sculptures; Printmaking; Tempera; Plaster; Oil/Acrylic paint; Cartooning; Watercolor; Sign making/calligraphy; and Mixed media.

Fine Arts II (15065)
Prerequisite: 75% or higher in Fine Arts I - Meets Daily - 1.0 Credit
Using the skills and knowledge gained from the Fine Arts I course, students will be challenged in Fine Arts II by “polishing their talents” on more advanced projects and processes. Further exploration in drawing, painting, sculpture, and graphics includes using various lights, more expanded and in-depth Art History research, design formats, and combining and using more challenging art media. Each marking period will offer students an opportunity to independently develop their own styles of art while using the Old and New Art Masters as their mentors. This course is for experienced art students who enjoy the fine arts and wants to continue developing their skills in art.

Some units covered in this course include: Pen/ink and pencils; Clay; Charcoals; Plaster; Pastels; Embossing; Acrylic paints; Printmaking; Oil paints; Bas relief; Stone carving; Metal smith; Wire Sculptures; and Casting.

Visual Communications I (15069)
Prerequisite: None - Meets Daily - 1.0 Credit
Do you have a graphic style? Interested in Pop Culture or Op art? In this course students will learn traditional and contemporary means of mass producing their artwork. Students will develop art artworks using manual and mechanical processes, printing presses, text, computer art programs, Microsoft Publisher, and Adobe Creative Suite. Through the guided exploration of the history of the four basic lettering styles and their variations, students will be introduced to mechanical drawing and create art forms using these styles. The graphic arts will be emphasized throughout the exploration of verbal and non-verbal expressions of art. Lessons shall include various writing instruments, paints, ink and airbrushing, while students learn about advertising, illustration, and printing on many grades of papers (including handmade), fabric/t-shirts, and photography. It is an active course which is designed for students with an interest in learning to develop means of mass producing their artwork while studying calligraphy, printing processes, advertising, computer-generated art, photography, and their functions in today’s society. Some units covered in this course may include: Graphics- Fundamentals of printing processes including, Silk Screening; Creating Stencils/Airbrushing; Embossing; Engraving/Intaglio Prints; Block Prints; Mono-typing; and other printing techniques. Desktop/computer Imagery- Basic design principles and how they relate to visual communications including, Typography; Computer Generated Graphics; Advertising/Media Literacy; Mechanical Drawing; Adobe Creative Suite, etc. Photography- Fundamentals of photographic technologies including, digital and manual photography, Digital Photography; Stop-Motion Animation; Pinhole Cameras; and Basic Darkroom Photography.

Visual Communications II (15070)
Prerequisite: 75% or higher in Visual Communications I - Meets Daily - 1.0 Credit
Students whom have successfully completed Visual Communications I may continue their technical, calligraphy, printmaking, computer-art and photography skills in this advanced computer generated art class! By further mastering prior techniques developed in Visual Communications I, students shall create more independent advanced art work in this course alongside of other experienced student artists. Advanced airbrushing, photo emulsion silk-screening, mechanical drawings, and advertising design shall be explored and created with reference to Old and New World Masters. Advanced photography skills to include lighting, enlarging, double exposures, and various darkroom techniques will be studied. Students will be further challenged with Adobe Creative Suite in creating computer art graphics. Designing an art form which represents a planned, skillful expression to be reproduced both on and off the press, students shall further explore the advertising world and its relation to today’s society.

Some units covered in this may course include: Acid Etching/Intaglio; Photo Serigraphs; Collagraphs; Glass Etching; Airbrushing; Computer Graphics; Advanced Calligraphy; Advertising Design; Product/Package Design; 35 mm/Digital Photography; Advanced Darkroom Practices; Mechanical Drawings; and Architectural Studies.

Culture & Crafts: Methods & Materials (15063)
Prerequisite: None - Meets Daily - 1.0 Credit
Are you “Crafty” and like to make things with your hands? This course is designed as a solid “hands-on” art class to encourage students to explore and create craft work from many cultures and historical periods. Students shall become craftsmen in learning different crafts from various world cultures and using their talents to create wonderful works of art. It is an exciting course which recognizes crafts as serving functional and non-functional needs to society and offers an informal acquaintance with exemplary works of art. Some craft forms covered in this course may include: Design; Ceramics/clay (on and off the potter’s wheel); Paper Mache; Sculpture; Jewelry; Glass; Metal smith; Woodworking; Stained glass; Weaving; Fiber Arts; Fabric Design; and Seasonal Crafts

Theatre Arts & Design (15071)
Prerequisite: None - Meets Daily - 1.0 Credit
The “hands-on” theatre arts and design course introduces students to the performance and production of the theatre as an art form. Both “On Stage” and “Behind the Scenes” processes will be developed. After the creation of simple sets and props students will team together to create simple scenes. Students will explore the theatre as a means of expression through study of theatre history as well as contemporary theatre arts. Students will also explore the development of stage design including sets, props, and lighting design. Students will explore the safe use of theatrical equipment and its’ importance to the overall effectiveness of a production. Through studying theatre as an expression of both history and culture, students will explore the way in which theatre affects and is affected by its societal context. This course is designed in connection with the PA State Standards for the Arts in theatre education. Some units/projects covered in this course may include: Set and Prop Sketching/Design , Costume and Make-up Design, Traditional and Contemporary Performance (Blue Man Group, Mime, etc.), One Act Plays, Play/Script Analysis, Voice and Movement, Improvisation, Theatrical Equipment, Stage Direction and Management.