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Foreign Language Teachers
Page Updated: August 22, 2017
Mrs. Jenna Hoffert
Room 309
Mrs. Sarah Kunkel
Room 310

Courses Offered:
Spanish I
Spanish II
Honors Spanish III
Honors Spanish IV

Spanish I (15516)
Prerequisite: None - Meets Daily - 1.0 Credit
The emphasis in this course is directed toward the four basic language skills: speaking, listening, reading, and writing. This exciting and useful foreign language is spoken extensively in the classroom to develop skills of comprehension and conversation. These skills are reinforced through conversational activities and cued writing. An emphasis on basic understanding and communication is stressed. Basic grammar and vocabulary are emphasized in the course. Students are expected to complete projects that integrate the use of technology to reinforce writing and vocabulary skills. Some units covered in this course include: greetings, school, describing people & things, family, weather, present tense, expressing likes/dislikes, asking/answering questions, calendar, time.

Spanish II (15526)
Prerequisite: Successful completion of Spanish I - Meets Daily - 1.0 Credit
A basic review unit at the beginning is used to review first level work (Spanish I). The four areas stressed in level one are also stressed in level two: speaking, listening, reading, and writing with a grammar emphasis on preterit tense. Continuing oral instruction and comprehension are developed through the use of interactive group/paired activities and the integration of computer technology. Writing/reading skills are further developed. Evaluation is done by oral and written testing. Spanish II provides the background and skills development necessary to build increasing knowledge of the language. Students are expected to complete activities which may include Country Presentations and Photo Stories. Some units covered in this course include: clothing and colors, body & health, shopping, sports, foods, house & rooms, restaurant, places & location, daily routines, present tense, past tense, commands, number to 1,000,000, making comparisons.

Honors Spanish III (15536)
Prerequisite: Teacher recommendation and/or 85% or above average in Spanish II - Meets Daily - 1.0 Credit
This course will review previously learned grammar and vocabulary and introduces a variety of tenses and grammar concepts. The students will thoroughly learn the past tenses and their uses by the end of the course. The use of computer technology and listening exercises will support the curriculum. There will be an added emphasis on speaking the language in the classroom. Oral assessment, small group work and dialogue, and short story writing will be used to enhance listening comprehension, grammar, and vocabulary. Students are expected to complete activities which may include creating narratives & dialogues, Photo Stories, podcasts, various forms of oral assessment. Some units covered in this course include: Vocabulary: weather, home activities and chores, health and exercise, nationalities, animals, jobs/employment, the future, travel. Grammar: commands (formal, familiar, and plural), preterit vs. imperfect (past tense), future, and conditional, Por vs. Para, pedir vs. preuntar, double object pronouns.

Honors Spanish IV (15546)
Prerequisite: A grade of 80% of higher in Spanish III and/or teacher recommendation - Meets Daily - 1.0 Credit
In Spanish IV there will be a constant review and use of the indicative tenses previously learned – the present, preterit, and imperfect – as well as basic grammar points. Students will also learn the future tense, the conditional tense and subjunctive mood which will be covered in depth. Students will have the opportunity to read and discuss Spanish and Latin American short stories. Students will use language skills accurately and spontaneously. They will also listen to conversations and short narratives to improve listening comprehension skills. Fluency in speaking and communication of ideas will be ultimate goals. Students are expected to complete activities which may include creating narratives & dialogues, Photo Stories, podcasts, various forms of oral assessment. Some topics covered include: vocabulary: going out, education, family, love & relationships, health, work, clothes, travel, money, economy, beliefs; Grammar: present indicative, subjunctive, past tenses, compound tenses, future tense, conditional tense.