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PLEASE NOTE: Forms on this website may be updated regularly to reflect changes or modified policies. When viewing a form, please click the "Refresh" button in your web browser to ensure that you are viewing the most current version of the document. Thank you.
Wellness & Fitness Teachers
Page Updated: August 22, 2017
Mr. Scott Gerould
Gym & Room 311A
Mrs. Patricia Jones
Gym & Room 311A

Wellness & Fitness I (Freshmen)
Wellness & Fitness II (Sophomores)
Wellness & Fitness III (Juniors)
Meets daily - 1 Credit
Wellness and fitness are essential for the healthy development of each student and our community as a whole. The well being of our students will largely determine the quality of life they will have throughout their lifetime. To thrive in our ever-changing world, our students will acquire and use knowledge, skills and habits necessary to promote individual, family, and community wellness and fitness. During our students’ three year participation in wellness and fitness, they will focus on completing outcomes in concepts of health, healthful living, safety and injury prevention, physical activity, and concepts, principles, and strategies of movement.

Some units covered in this course include invasion games, striking/fielding games, net games, target games, weight training, physical fitness, and the Presidential Physical Fitness Tests.

IMPORTANT: If a student successfully completes Wellness/Fitness I, II, and III they will not take a gym course during their senior year.