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PLEASE NOTE: Forms on this website may be updated regularly to reflect changes or modified policies. When viewing a form, please click the "Refresh" button in your web browser to ensure that you are viewing the most current version of the document. Thank you.
School Counselors
Page Updated: June 07, 2018
Mrs. Allison Chruscial
E-Mail:  |  Phone: 610-767-0767
Mrs. Chruscial is the guidance counselor for students with last names beginning with A through L.

Mrs. Sheila Lanshe
E-Mail:  |  Phone: 610-767-9847
Mrs. Lanshe is the guidance counselor for students with last names beginning with M through Z.

Mrs. Shelley Smith
E-Mail:  |  Phone: 610-767-9837
Mrs. Smith is the Guidance Office secretary.

Counseling services are available to all students in the high school. Services can range from counseling and support for personal or academic struggles to college and career exploration. Students in the high school are assigned a school counselor alphabetically. Students with the last name beginning with A-L work with Mrs. Chruscial and M-Z work with Mrs. Lanshe.

Conversations with a counselor are typically confidential with the exception of situations in which the student has authorized the counselor to speak to someone else. In addition, there are a number of urgent situations which limit confidentiality:
  • Threat of harm to oneself
  • Threat of harm to another
  • Any report of abuse or neglect or suspected abuse or neglect
  • Reports of behavior which could reasonably lead to harm to self or others
  • Court orders requiring disclosure
Please feel free to contact or make an appointment with the appropriate school counselor for help or assistance or call the Guidance Office secretary at 610-767-9837.